Shoe Repair

Since our inception, Fontana's Shoes has done quality repair work on shoes and leather products.  A few of our specialties include Reheeling where we put new rubber heels on boots, shoes and pumps, as well as Resoling where we put a full new sole on your dress shoes, work boots, or hiking boots.  For more specifics on cost and turn around time, come see us! 

Cleaning and Polishing

Are your favorite shoes scuffed up?  Do you want a professional to get them looking like new again?  Bring your shoes to Fontana's and have us take a look.


So many times you can purchase a pair of shoes that are slightly too tight, or that need some adjustments to fit your specific foot.  Leather is a natural fiber that needs care and conditioning when attempting to make changes to the fit of the shoe.  Let the professionals at Fontana's give you the perfect fit.

Fontana's          401 Eddy Street, Ithaca, NY 14850.           607-272-SHOE(7463)